Jim believes in personal responsibility and individual liberty...We have to stop waiting for politicians to fix our problems. We must take our own issue and serve our community with love and understanding. 

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Armada Township is where metro Detroit ends and Michigan farm country begins. Known for our apple orchards, and Macom County's true Country Fair. We are homemakers, farmers, union workers, suburban commuters, and small business owners. Not content with simply wishing a return to the "glory days", we are creating OUR glory days in OUR hometown. We love the Tigers, the Lions, and the Detroit City Football Club.

Armada is where the thumb beigns. We’re a rural community, with the convience of the suburbs, we striveson our economic diversity. We are a multi-generational catacomb of what Michigan could be;  people WANT to be in our neighborhoods; and we are home to some of Southeast Michigan’s most helpful community service groups. Most importantly;  we’ve done it all, IN SPITE of government regulations.

Wouldn’t you like to see what our potential REALLY is?

Jim Fulner is a Systems Engineer; and brings that high level overview to the politics of public and private interactions.

An Engineer's perspective is to find the root cause of the issue, and tackle that issue head on; rather than simply addressing symptoms. 

Jim doesn’t have to take sides the way the old  politicians do. We know that, without labor, there is no capital; but it is equally true that without love there can be no labor. 

Communities ultimately strive when they achieve their full potential for freedom.